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Acne Treatment

Rather than having a dermatologist prescribe antibiotics and other medications, the Face Reality skincare system will have your acne under control within 60-90 days.

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Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments target specific aging and pigmentation concerns, using iS CLINICAL products and protocols. Treatments include clinical facials, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and chemical peels. 

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Also known as collagen induction therapy this is a minimally invasive treatment to rejuvenate the skin. This treatment offers an alternative to laser resurfacing for treatment of acne scars, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, and correcting uneven skin tone and texture.

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Monthly Skin Care Program

The Monthly Skin Care Program is an affordable way to keep your skin healthy and beautiful all year. Choose any facial treatment for only $65 per month. No contracts to sign--the monthly payment will be automatically billed with Paypal.  

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Skincare treatments and products that will dramatically improve your skin’s health and appearance.

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3 Tips To Help Clear Acne Now

Did you wake up in the morning with a brand new, huge zit? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to clear your skin? Here are 3 easy at-home strategies you might not yet have tried, that are proven to help many people battle their acne problems!
1.Ice!!! Ice your blemishes. Ice is free in your freezer and super easy to administer on your own. If you have a few red or swollen blemishes, simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold on the blemish for about 2 minutes. Do this twice a day on clean skin. Or, if you’re having inflamed red blemishes over a particular area (cheeks, jawline, forehead), use the ice without the paper towel and gently rub over the area for about 3 minutes. This helps reduce inflammation and redness, and may speed up the healing process.

2.Pillowcases!!! It is so important to change your pillowcases! Try to use a freshly cleaned pillowcase every other night. On the second night flip your pillow over to the clean side. Also, try to not use scented detergent, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets, as they can have harsh chemicals in them that may be affecting your skin on a nightly basis.

3.Supplements!!! – While I’m not a nutritionist, studies do show that avoiding biotin supplements can help improve acne. Adding Omega 3, Zinc, and probiotics can be helpful for clearing skin. Do your own research and consult your physician if you are unsure.

Remember that each person’s skin is unique, and what works for one person, might not work for another. But the key is to listen to your skin, and when you find what works (maybe these 3 tips!) stick to them!

Also, coming in for a treatment can really make the difference in not only getting clear skin, but KEEPING clear skin. The Face Reality Program has been helping clients with all stages of acne get clear and stay clear for over 20 years. Book your free consultation today, with or without your first treatment!

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Dorothy Carr Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Preventing Skin Cancer

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. In an effort to keep you cancer-free and focused on healthy skin, here are some tips on how to prevent skin cancer:   Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Thursday, May 10, 2018
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