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Why You Should Love Your Oily Skin

Dorothy Carr Friday, June 01, 2018

While most people fall into what we call “combo” skin, meaning dry AND oily, it is important to understand that each “type” of skin is indeed normal! We all have a unique level of natural oil production, as well as differing sizes and activity level of your pores. These differences make each person’s skin distinctive from our friends and family.


So…if you have oily (or mostly oily) skin, I guarantee that at some point you have complained about it. Oily skin can smudge makeup, create shine, clog pores, and create an overall “yucky” feeling. And while those all might be totally true, there is a HUGE positive to having some oil in your skin!


Natural oil actually protects you from the sun. The first line of defense from mother nature’s elements is called the “lipid barrier.” Lipid is a synonym for liquid fatty substance, and is what stops the environmental elements from sucking all of our moisture out of us. People with more oily skin experience fewer burns, rashes, wrinkles, and UV-induced skin damage. This extra protection means significantly healthier, more well-preserved skin in the later years.


If you are still unhappy with your oily skin, or struggle with breakouts due to oily skin, then it is important to find the perfect regimen for your unique skin – and believe me, there is definitely one out there for you! Try first with using an exfoliator for your type of skin, and while the ideal skin regimen varies from person to person, finding what works for you will help with overall shine control, balanced skin moisture, reduced clogged pores, and smoother, more radiant skin.


Let me help you find what works best! Maybe an exfoliator a few times a week, or every other day? Maybe a scrub and a serum, or just a serum and a salicylic toner? Play around with your regimen until you achieve the balance that makes you happy, and don’t be afraid of a little oily glow!


Bottom line: Don’t completely curse out your oily skin, just know that it’s protecting you, and will keep you looking younger in the long run! Proper exfoliation is the name of the game!

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