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Makeup & Acne: Truth and Myths

Truth: If you are an acne sufferer, wearing makeup is one of the worst things you can do. The vast majority of compact foundation and liquid make-up are not good choices.

Myth: Popular make-up brands that promise to hide blemishes work. This is so false! All it does is add to the problem. Applying make-up containing pore-clogging ingredients (which exists in almost all major make-up brands) only aggravates acne by clogging the pore again!

Truth: If you’re going to wear make-up anyways, stick to water-based or glycerin-based products.

Myth: Once you find a make-up product that works, it will always work! Unfortunately, make-up manufacturers are always changing the ingredients in their products. Ask your acne specialist for a list of pore-clogging ingredients, and before you purchase that same old product, double check the label to make sure nothing has changed.

Truth: Loose mineral powders are your best option for coverage. They help eliminate oily shine, and if you purchase a high quality mineral make-up, they have anti-inflammatory properties which helps with redness of acne. Loose mineral powders also provide great coverage. There are a lot of videos on the internet on how to build coverage with loose minerals.

Myth: Eye make-up is not usually a problem for acne sufferers.
Some Other Tips:
Most blushes are filled with pore cloggers.

Eye make-up is not usually a problem for acne sufferers but be aware of make-up removers and skin wipes. The majority of skin wipes on the market contain pore clogging ingredients.

Lip products can cause problems for acne sufferers. They usually contain many comedogenic (pore clogging) ingredients. The problem with lip products is that they travel from the lip area. The wax in lip products is not the problem, it is the oils. Make sure the oils in your lip products are something simple like castor oil, mineral oil or petrolatum rather than isopropyl myristate. A good choice is petroleum jelly or Aquaphor.

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Dorothy Carr Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Needling Your Skin??

Do you want younger looking skin but don’t want the risk of fillers, or are extra sensitivity to sun?

Then come in for the new treatment the Face Place offers: micro needling! It is just as effective as a laser treatment but (unlike the laser treatment) can actually be repeatedly indefinitely!

Micro needling therapy (or collagen induction therapy – CIT) is minimally invasive and non-surgical. This skin rejuvenation procedure uses a micro needling device to pierce the epidermis and create a controlled skin injury without the heat that a laser treatment produces. It creates thousands of tiny superficial micro spots in the skin by using a dermal roller. This stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself to improve blood supply, soften wrinkles and scars, and produce new collagen. Micro needling also releases growth in the skin cells that promote a scar-less healing after the treatment!

Today, the skin rejuvenation treatments that are available seem abundant. But micro needling has actually been around for decades and has only recently gained popularity and become the easiest, most effective skin rejuvenation treatment available.

Here are some other benefits of the micro needling treatment:
--Improves blood circulation
--Helps to better absorb active ingredients in creams and topical serums
--Safe for all skin types
--Natural and holistic!
--Less expensive than laser treatment
--Minimal discomfort
--Minimal recovery time compared to traditional lasers
At the Face Place, and at many other micro needling treatment centers around the world, we have seen first hand how results are immediate, progressive, and cost effective. For the absolute best results, combine it with Face Reality home care a few weeks before hand, and plan on treatments over the course of 3-6 months, every 4 weeks.

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Dorothy Carr Wednesday, July 04, 2018

How To Relieve Dryness From Skin Care Products

Sometimes even the best of acne treatments can irritate or dehydrate the skin. Often, people will stop using those products when this happens. Don’t do that!! You will never know how your skin truly reacts to a product if you just stop using it as soon as you see some flakiness!


Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your products, while dealing with any flaky skin that it might cause:


1. Be conscious and understanding of the fact that you are going to have some dryness and peeling from acne products. Period. If a product is truly strong enough to get acne under control it is going to be a bit dehydrating. That’s just the way it is! HOWEVER…there are ways to alleviate the dryness while your skin is adjusting to your new product. Which leads us to tips number 2 through 4!


2. Truly, the very best strategy we believe in at The Face Place, is to start off using products very slowly. Your skin needs time! Give it the time it truly needs to adapt to new products.


3. A product that we really love is the water-based hydrator, Hydrating Emulsion. By using this product as a layer morning and night, it can help prevent dehydration.


4. Finally, a great option for many people is to simply take a 1- to 3-day break from your routine. Just cleanse, tone, and moisturize. After giving your skin a little break, you can start your routine where you left off.


Be mindful that the path to clear skin is not easy for many people. It takes dedication, a strict routine, patience, and the right products! It also is best to have a licensed esthetician to help you get there. Book a consultation today, and we can start you on the process of getting to clear skin!

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Dorothy Carr Friday, June 08, 2018

Why You Should Love Your Oily Skin

While most people fall into what we call “combo” skin, meaning dry AND oily, it is important to understand that each “type” of skin is indeed normal! We all have a unique level of natural oil production, as well as differing sizes and activity level of your pores. These differences make each person’s skin distinctive from our friends and family.


So…if you have oily (or mostly oily) skin, I guarantee that at some point you have complained about it. Oily skin can smudge makeup, create shine, clog pores, and create an overall “yucky” feeling. And while those all might be totally true, there is a HUGE positive to having some oil in your skin!


Natural oil actually protects you from the sun. The first line of defense from mother nature’s elements is called the “lipid barrier.” Lipid is a synonym for liquid fatty substance, and is what stops the environmental elements from sucking all of our moisture out of us. People with more oily skin experience fewer burns, rashes, wrinkles, and UV-induced skin damage. This extra protection means significantly healthier, more well-preserved skin in the later years.


If you are still unhappy with your oily skin, or struggle with breakouts due to oily skin, then it is important to find the perfect regimen for your unique skin – and believe me, there is definitely one out there for you! Try first with using an exfoliator for your type of skin, and while the ideal skin regimen varies from person to person, finding what works for you will help with overall shine control, balanced skin moisture, reduced clogged pores, and smoother, more radiant skin.


Let me help you find what works best! Maybe an exfoliator a few times a week, or every other day? Maybe a scrub and a serum, or just a serum and a salicylic toner? Play around with your regimen until you achieve the balance that makes you happy, and don’t be afraid of a little oily glow!


Bottom line: Don’t completely curse out your oily skin, just know that it’s protecting you, and will keep you looking younger in the long run! Proper exfoliation is the name of the game!

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Dorothy Carr Friday, June 01, 2018

Four Major Acne Triggers

1.Diet. Common thought is that breakouts can be caused by greasy foods. However, sugar, simple carbs, and biotin are more likely to trigger acne. Some of these ingredients can actually irritate hair follicles and cause harsh, inflamed breakouts! Consequently, there are also food allergies that can cause acne. Gluten can be a common trigger, but everyone is different. If you can, try to cut certain things out for a few weeks and see if your skin reacts.


2.Cosmetics. Beauty products for your skin and hair can trigger breakouts if they have ingredients that are not acne-safe. Even if a product is labeled “non-comedogenic,” “oil-free,” or promises to not clog pores, all can be problematic depending on your skin type.


3.Stress. The hormone cortisol signals the body to produce more oil. Stress is a major trigger of cortisol. While oil can be great for some skin types, for others it causes clogged pores and acne. Yes, sometimes it feels impossible to eliminate stress from daily life, but I love to encourage my clients to seek out ways to manage that stress! Get 8 hours of sleep! Try meditating! Go to yoga! Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, find it and do it. Your skin will thank you!


4.Hormonal Changes. Pregnancy and menopause can bring about hormone changes for women, but these life events also come with testosterone. So men AND women: when your testosterone increases, so does oily skin. For women: the week before your menstrual cycle, try to avoid dairy products. For men: avoid as many dairy products as possible! Dairy products can interfere with healthy hormone levels and increase inflammation.

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Dorothy Carr Sunday, May 27, 2018

3 Tips To Help Clear Acne Now

Did you wake up in the morning with a brand new, huge zit? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to clear your skin? Here are 3 easy at-home strategies you might not yet have tried, that are proven to help many people battle their acne problems!
1.Ice!!! Ice your blemishes. Ice is free in your freezer and super easy to administer on your own. If you have a few red or swollen blemishes, simply wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and hold on the blemish for about 2 minutes. Do this twice a day on clean skin. Or, if you’re having inflamed red blemishes over a particular area (cheeks, jawline, forehead), use the ice without the paper towel and gently rub over the area for about 3 minutes. This helps reduce inflammation and redness, and may speed up the healing process.

2.Pillowcases!!! It is so important to change your pillowcases! Try to use a freshly cleaned pillowcase every other night. On the second night flip your pillow over to the clean side. Also, try to not use scented detergent, fabric softeners, or dryer sheets, as they can have harsh chemicals in them that may be affecting your skin on a nightly basis.

3.Supplements!!! – While I’m not a nutritionist, studies do show that avoiding biotin supplements can help improve acne. Adding Omega 3, Zinc, and probiotics can be helpful for clearing skin. Do your own research and consult your physician if you are unsure.

Remember that each person’s skin is unique, and what works for one person, might not work for another. But the key is to listen to your skin, and when you find what works (maybe these 3 tips!) stick to them!

Also, coming in for a treatment can really make the difference in not only getting clear skin, but KEEPING clear skin. The Face Reality Program has been helping clients with all stages of acne get clear and stay clear for over 20 years. Book your free consultation today, with or without your first treatment!

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Dorothy Carr Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Preventing Skin Cancer

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. In an effort to keep you cancer-free and focused on healthy skin, here are some tips on how to prevent skin cancer:   Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Thursday, May 10, 2018

New Year Resolution

Our New Year Resolution here at The Face Place is to be more present. To resist the urge to rush through life. Become more in the moment. Less stressed.    Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Monday, January 01, 2018

The Perfect Gift to Say "Thanks" -- Good Skin Health

Give yourself the best present ever… Beautiful, healthy skin! Don't have time for intensive skin care? You can still pamper yourself by acing the basics. Help delay the natural aging process and prevent various skin problems by practicing good skin care and a healthy lifestyle.    Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Sunday, November 15, 2015

Back-to-School: Undo that Summer Sun Damage

It's been a hot Summer! BBQ's, pools, and camping. Hopefully, you've been keeping up with applying sunscreen. I know it's hard to remember to use it every time you're outside, and unfortunately when that happens, sun damage may occur. But there is some good news! It’s never too late to try and reverse sun damage.    Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Tuesday, September 15, 2015