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Needling Your Skin??

Dorothy Carr Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Do you want younger looking skin but don’t want the risk of fillers, or are extra sensitivity to sun?

Then come in for the new treatment the Face Place offers: micro needling! It is just as effective as a laser treatment but (unlike the laser treatment) can actually be repeatedly indefinitely!

Micro needling therapy (or collagen induction therapy – CIT) is minimally invasive and non-surgical. This skin rejuvenation procedure uses a micro needling device to pierce the epidermis and create a controlled skin injury without the heat that a laser treatment produces. It creates thousands of tiny superficial micro spots in the skin by using a dermal roller. This stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself to improve blood supply, soften wrinkles and scars, and produce new collagen. Micro needling also releases growth in the skin cells that promote a scar-less healing after the treatment!

Today, the skin rejuvenation treatments that are available seem abundant. But micro needling has actually been around for decades and has only recently gained popularity and become the easiest, most effective skin rejuvenation treatment available.

Here are some other benefits of the micro needling treatment:
--Improves blood circulation
--Helps to better absorb active ingredients in creams and topical serums
--Safe for all skin types
--Natural and holistic!
--Less expensive than laser treatment
--Minimal discomfort
--Minimal recovery time compared to traditional lasers
At the Face Place, and at many other micro needling treatment centers around the world, we have seen first hand how results are immediate, progressive, and cost effective. For the absolute best results, combine it with Face Reality home care a few weeks before hand, and plan on treatments over the course of 3-6 months, every 4 weeks.

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