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How To Relieve Dryness From Skin Care Products

Dorothy Carr Friday, June 08, 2018

Sometimes even the best of acne treatments can irritate or dehydrate the skin. Often, people will stop using those products when this happens. Don’t do that!! You will never know how your skin truly reacts to a product if you just stop using it as soon as you see some flakiness!


Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your products, while dealing with any flaky skin that it might cause:


1. Be conscious and understanding of the fact that you are going to have some dryness and peeling from acne products. Period. If a product is truly strong enough to get acne under control it is going to be a bit dehydrating. That’s just the way it is! HOWEVER…there are ways to alleviate the dryness while your skin is adjusting to your new product. Which leads us to tips number 2 through 4!


2. Truly, the very best strategy we believe in at The Face Place, is to start off using products very slowly. Your skin needs time! Give it the time it truly needs to adapt to new products.


3. A product that we really love is the water-based hydrator, Hydrating Emulsion. By using this product as a layer morning and night, it can help prevent dehydration.


4. Finally, a great option for many people is to simply take a 1- to 3-day break from your routine. Just cleanse, tone, and moisturize. After giving your skin a little break, you can start your routine where you left off.


Be mindful that the path to clear skin is not easy for many people. It takes dedication, a strict routine, patience, and the right products! It also is best to have a licensed esthetician to help you get there. Book a consultation today, and we can start you on the process of getting to clear skin!

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