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Four Major Acne Triggers

Dorothy Carr Sunday, May 27, 2018

1.Diet. Common thought is that breakouts can be caused by greasy foods. However, sugar, simple carbs, and biotin are more likely to trigger acne. Some of these ingredients can actually irritate hair follicles and cause harsh, inflamed breakouts! Consequently, there are also food allergies that can cause acne. Gluten can be a common trigger, but everyone is different. If you can, try to cut certain things out for a few weeks and see if your skin reacts.


2.Cosmetics. Beauty products for your skin and hair can trigger breakouts if they have ingredients that are not acne-safe. Even if a product is labeled “non-comedogenic,” “oil-free,” or promises to not clog pores, all can be problematic depending on your skin type.


3.Stress. The hormone cortisol signals the body to produce more oil. Stress is a major trigger of cortisol. While oil can be great for some skin types, for others it causes clogged pores and acne. Yes, sometimes it feels impossible to eliminate stress from daily life, but I love to encourage my clients to seek out ways to manage that stress! Get 8 hours of sleep! Try meditating! Go to yoga! Whatever it is that helps you de-stress, find it and do it. Your skin will thank you!


4.Hormonal Changes. Pregnancy and menopause can bring about hormone changes for women, but these life events also come with testosterone. So men AND women: when your testosterone increases, so does oily skin. For women: the week before your menstrual cycle, try to avoid dairy products. For men: avoid as many dairy products as possible! Dairy products can interfere with healthy hormone levels and increase inflammation.

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