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Halloween Candy and Acne -- The Scary Connection

This spooky fact could change the way you see Halloween candy forever. Too much sugar consumption could sabotage your mission for flawless skin. Too many sugar-y snacks and drinks can trigger breakouts and aggravate acne. Excess consumption can cause your body to rev up your insulin, which causes the skin to be inflamed. The inflamed skin then causes elevated levels of oils which clog pores. Even after Halloween, sugars can be found in simple carbohydrates like white bread and soda. So just remember, instead of consuming all your candy in a couple days, consume it in moderation. And when you’re really craving something sweet, try to satisfy your cravings the natural way. A healthy system thrives on fruit!   Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Thursday, October 15, 2015

Best College Skincare Routine Tips

There is no busier time in your life than as a college student. Due to the stress, long week days, and all-nighters, a skincare routine is usually the last thing on your mind. Here’s a quick, no-fuss way to maintain an effective routine for healthier skin.    Read More . . .

Dorothy Carr Saturday, August 15, 2015